The Utility Token Driving DeFi Adoption

3 min readFeb 18, 2023

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an ecosystem that has been gaining immense traction in recent times. However, there are still barriers to entry, especially for the uninitiated. Trellis is developing a leading DeFi protocol on the Aptos and Sui networks. The protocol aims to offers a wide range of DeFi services such as an automated market maker exchange, a decentralized algorithmic lending protocol, a yield farming and a launchpad platform. Trellis has its native utility token called Trellis Token (TREIS), which plays a significant role in the platform’s ecosystem.

What is Trellis Token?

Trellis Token is the native token of the Trellis protocol. Trellis token is a multichain token, currently available on Aptos mainnet and on Sui devnet. The token was created to serve as a utility token for the Trellis ecosystem. It is a governance token that gives holders the right to vote on governance proposals, decide on the direction of the project, and participate in the decision-making process.

What Are Trellis Token utility?

Trellis token (TREIS) is a core element of the Trellis ecosystem and serves multiple use cases within the platform. Here are some of the primary use cases of TREIS:

  1. Governance: TREIS holders have the ability to vote on proposals and decisions related to the Trellis platform. This includes voting on upgrades, changes to the protocol, and deciding which new projects to onboard.
  2. Access to services: TREIS is used as a utility token to access various services within the Trellis platform. For example, users can stake TREIS to earn rewards or use TREIS to access discounted transaction fees on the Trellis AMM exchange.
  3. Rewards: Trellis token holders can earn rewards for providing liquidity to the Trellis AMM exchange or by staking their TREIS tokens. These rewards can be in the form of additional TREIS tokens, partners projects tokens, or platform fees.
  4. Access to project IDOs: Trellis Token will also be used in the launchpad platform. The launchpad platform is a new feature that allows users to participate in the initial dex offering (IDO) of new tokens on the Trellis network. Investors will need to hold a certain amount of TREIS tokens to participate in IDOs.

The Trellis Token’s use cases will drive DeFi adoption and onboard many users into the ecosystem. The Trellis Token incentivizes liquidity providers, allowing the platform to have ample liquidity, which is critical for the successful operation of DeFi protocols. By giving users access to different DeFi services, such as automated market makers,yiel farming, launchpad, algorithmic lending, and borrowing protocols, Trellis Token holders can experience the benefits of DeFi while being part of a thriving community.


The Trellis Token is essential to the Trellis ecosystem, and its many use cases make it an attractive proposition for DeFi enthusiasts. The Trellis Token incentivizes liquidity providers, gives access to DeFi services, and has governance rights. The future of Trellis Token looks promising, with its integration into other protocols and platforms, the launch of a staking feature, and the IDO launchpad platform. With the utility of Trellis Token, Trellis is poised to onboard many new users into the DeFi market.

About Trellis

Trellis is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that operates on the Aptos and Sui networks. It offers a suite of DeFi services that includes an automated market maker (AMM) exchange, a decentralized algorithmic lending protocol, yied farming, and a launchpad platform. The platform is designed to provide users with a one-stop-shop for all their DeFi needs, allowing them to access a range of services from a single interface.

Trellis is built on a community-driven model, with a strong emphasis on community involvement and engagement. The platform’s governance is decentralized, and token holders play an active role in decision-making and platform development. The team is committed to continuously improving the platform and bringing new and innovative DeFi services to users.

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